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Whether you're looking for that perfect ambiance, or its your source of heat, our Redgum firewood is dry, split and ready to burn! As a bonus, it also looks great as décor stacked next to an open fireplace!

We also stock a firelighter/kindling brick that will burn for 3 hours, they make it so much easier to start your fire. No more needing stacks of newspapers lying around, just burn this in your fireplace and place some smaller logs straight on top!

Or if you prefer wood kindling, we stock 4kg bags which are recycled wood with no nasty's so you can be sure your burning with quality and not affecting the environment!

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We serve not only the Mornington Peninsula but also Bayside and the South Eastern Region. Should you have any garden supply or landscaping needs within this region, you know where to turn for the very best service around.


Our products are from third party sources and some may contain small traces of contamination. Somerville Garden Supplies does not accept liability for any colour variation/contamination and/or cost associated with detection and/or removal of any such contamination/variation

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