Sand & Soil

For your everyday needs

Sand & Soil

We have sands and soils for your everyday needs as well as sands and soil for trades and builders. Ranged from our Fine Washed sand which is great for your children's sandpits, and the soil for your vegetable beds. Through to the sands needed for all your building projects, such as packing sand which is good for firm bases and brick sand to make mortar.

  • Fine Washed Sand: All-purpose washed sand perfect for sand pits and pavers
  • White Lite Brick Sand: Lighter shade of brick sand used for mortar
  • Yellow Brick Sand: Darker shade of brick sand used for mortar
  • Packing Sand: Compact sand
  • Concrete Sand: Coarse sand for concrete mix
  • Concrete Mix: A mixture of concrete sand, 7mm and 14mm screenings
  • Screened Top Soil: Excellent, clean soil
  • Blended Garden Soil: A blend of organic compost and screened topsoil perfect for garden beds
  • Premium Blend Soil: Premium blend of screened topsoil, organic compost and mushroom compost perfect for vegetable gardens
Somerville Garden Supplies - Screened Topsoil

Screened Topsoil

Used for top dressing, garden beds and backfilling*

Somerville Garden Supplies - Yellow Brick Sand

Yellow Brick Sand

Used for making mortar

Somerville Garden Supplies - Fine Washed Sand

Fine Washed Sand

Perfect for your kids sandpits and for sweeping between pavers

Somerville Garden Supplies - White Brick Sand

White Brick Sand

Used for making mortar

Somerville Garden Supplies - Blended Garden Soil

Blended Garden Soil

A perfect blend of topsoil and organic compost, great for your standard garden bed

Somerville Garden Supplies - Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

A coarse washed sand used to make a dry concrete mix

Somerville Garden Supplies - Turf Blend (soil & sand)

Turf Blend (soil & sand)

Mixed with our blended garden soil, is concrete sand which helps with drainage in the soil this stuff is great for creating new lawns

Somerville Garden Supplies - Packing Sand

Packing Sand

A sand with a high clay content, works as a great base for pavers, watertanks etc.

Somerville Garden Supplies - Premium Garden Soil

Premium Garden Soil

A beautiful blend of topsoil, mushroom compost and organic compost, perfect for vegetable boxes/gardens as well as garden beds with specific needs

Somerville Garden Supplies - Dry Concrete Mix

Dry Concrete Mix

A mixture of 14mm screening, 7mm screening and concrete sand

Areas We Serve Today

We serve not only the Mornington Peninsula but also Bayside and the South Eastern Region. Should you have any garden supply or landscaping needs within this region, you know where to turn for the very best service around.


Our products are from third party sources and some may contain small traces of contamination. Somerville Garden Supplies does not accept liability for any colour variation/contamination and/or cost associated with detection and/or removal of any such contamination/variation

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